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This was a really cool blog post to put together for a number of reasons. First off, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.
Think about the amount of human work hours that went into all of these integrations – it’s pretty humbling and staggering.
Think of all the development time, wire-framing, feedback, testing, and more that went into all of these platforms. Collectively, this was a collaborative process, where teams from all over the world came together via email, Skype, plane, etc.. Founders, product managers, engineers, and more played their part so that these integrations could come alive and fuel adding more contacts, facilitating more conversations, and sustaining more conversions. It’s pretty rare where the fruits of so many teams’ labors are reflected in such a compact space, but wow – it’s staggering.

Business Intelligence:


Combine six key ActiveCampaign events: email delivered, email opened, email bounced, email clicked, unsubscribes and emails marked as spam with a true myriad of analytics, attribution, advertising, and more connected through your Segment account. Take look and learn more with the blog post here.
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WordPress Membership Plugins:



One of the most tightly integrated new membership platforms to come to our app directory. With complete integration of LearnDash and ActiveCampaign right out of the box and full utilization of ActiveCampaign’s robust behavioral and interest contact tagging, ActiveMember360 is a formidable addition to the ever-growing and evolving membership space. Learn more from their AMA and ask the founder a question here.



A suite of tools to help your either your membership site or learning portal become an intuitive, well-designed, and successful endeavor. Easily manage your dashboard and produce aesthetically pleasing course modules that give bloggers, business owners, freelancers, and agencies boundless opportunity to create, teach, and prosper. AccessAlly drives the core of the suite and is often paired with its complimentary tools: PopupAlly – build your list with smart forms utilizing: exit intent, scroll activation, click-based activation, time delay, A/B testing, pre-made templates, and a myriad of contextual opt-in types. ProgressAlly – bolster your membership site experience with easy to implement gamification and positive reinforcement through easily set-up student rewards. Check out the AMA with the team here.
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Another very popular Infusionsoft membership plugin that’s come over to the ActiveCampaign integration community. Fueled by powerful behavioral tagging and conditional access, Memberium allows you to create an immersive membership experience for customers, students, peers, and more. Check out the AMA with the Memberium Team here.
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All-in-one business platform for health professionals looking to streamline sales, customer service, and operations. With ActiveCampaign doing the heavy lifting with our automated workflows, take control with the following automated sequences: welcome your new clients, continuing education, new product launches, and more. With a gorgeous mobile app and everything one needs to manage their business, check out the in-depth Mindbody integration blog post

WP Fusion

The word sync does not do WP Fusion justice. Whether you’re building a membership site or building an ecommerce storefront for your business, WP Fusion will sync your WordPress powered site with your CRM. Integrating ActiveCampaign seamlessly with WooCommcerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LearnDash, LifterLMS, MemberMouse, BuddyPress, UserPre, Paid Membership Pro, Restrict Content Pro, bbPress, Gravity Form, Contact Form 7,  and Sensai.

Facebook Lead Ads:

Look for really cool things coming from Facebook Lead ads in the near future!

Facebook Lead Ads via Zapier 

Pass leads from your Facebook Lead Ads directly to ActiveCampaign via a direct Zap or Multi-Step Zap.

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Seamlessly pass Facebook Lead Ad submissions to your Deals pipelines. In addition, sync your saved segments and translate them into Facebook Custom Audiences for full coverage remarketing.
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Keep your pipeline full and healthy with this sync between your Facebook Lead  Ads and your Deals tab in your ActiveCampaign account.
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Fully sync your ActiveCampaign lists with your Facebook Custom Audiences for bolstered aquisition.
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Landing Pages and Form Builders:

New to the landing page builder landscape, Undelay is a slick, streamlined builder with full ActiveCampaign tagging functionality. Fully responsive on all devices and in-depth A/B testing make this a viable choice to add to your research into your next landing page builder.
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Thrive Themes

An industry favorite, and one that one should always consider for their marketing stack. Wildly popular for its flexibility with a wide suite of products and yet a globally, hard focus on conversion.
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Another large player in the landing page and funnel construction space. Click Funnels will help you build a multi-stage or traditional funnel with ease and speed. With robust analytics and ample features to increase sales and conversions, this is a strong contender in the landing page ecosystem.



Arguably the most tightly  integrated payment platform with an incredibly quick rollout that was specially built for connecting your storefront to ActiveCampaign powered by your Stripe account for payments processing. Check out the AMA with their founder here.
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Revenue Conduit

Deep integration is not just a buzzword with Revenue Conduit – it’s the truth. With more than 100 actively synced data points, your contacts will become your new best friends with true visibility into your segmented groups. With  Revenue Conduit, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with a suite of pre-built automations and pre-defined segments to help you identify and nurture new, engaged, disengaged, best, and at-risk customers. Revenue Conduit enables connection to BigCommerce, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento.
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Productivity and really dang useful:


Programmatically send personal notes through our heavily bolstered Zapier integration. Infuse a personal touch in a digital world,  all through automation – awesome! Check out the AMA with the team. 
smnmdrkiz ir thankster


Personal referrals are the stamp of approval that we look for when shopping around. When we are researching a product or service, we look for friends, family, and acquaintances. Their affinity is the check we are looking for, and paired with a sweepstakes or contest, that affinity becomes the ultimate activator for a perspective buyer. Viralsweep harnesses this powerful motivator and gives you a full toolset to customize this strong motivator on all of your channels with full attribution and analytics.
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Automating processes and not relationships is key. When you’re able to automate marketing, sales, and operational tasks, you have more time to grow as a team and a business. allows you to connect a wide range of apps to automate your internal and external processes and compliment your usage of ActiveCampaign.
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This represents a shifting landscape that’s happening within our community of users. The needs of users are constantly evolving, and they reflect an ever-adapting ecosystem.
This round up truly runs the gamut in regards to diversity and functionality. From business intelligence to gamification, our new integration partners open up a vast array of functionality and connection depth for you and your team. Make sure to check out the AMAs with the respective teams and founders to gain insight into some unique aspects of these integrations.
Happy exploring!

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