Customer Experience Automation for Eventbrite

Promote your business beyond digital ads with automated Eventbrite event management.

Create new revenue streams with events, without the hassle of manual event management

Events are a fantastic channel to add to your promotional mix, especially if most of how you promote your business today happens digitally. Your prospects are humans, and like all humans, they crave authentic interactions. Use ActiveCampaign for Eventbrite to host lead generating events your prospects will remember.

Spend more time with your customers at events

Set your teams up for successful event performance by automating annoying, manual event management steps. Every minute saved means one more minute for your team to have meaningful, authentic interactions with your prospects.

Host best in class events without breaking the bank

Events can be an awesome way to drive new business, but they often require huge budgets and teams to do well. Try ActiveCampaign for Eventbrite and provide your prospects with a best in class event experience, regardless of how large your team is.

What can you do with
Eventbrite and ActiveCampaign?

Use the integration to drive more sales, improve customer support, and stay on top of your contacts' actions with personalized notifications to deliver 1\:1 automated experiences for every customer.

What you can do:

  • Automatically create and update ActiveCampaign contacts who register and attend Eventbrite events
  • View the prospect's Eventbrite 
event status without leaving ActiveCampaign
  • Automatically send emails, Slack alerts, and more every time a Eventbrite order is placed, updated, or refunded

Integrate with Eventbrite