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Integrate WishList Member with ActiveCampaign

Automatically trigger a variety of actions based on tagging in ActiveCampaign or level action in WishList Member

Use tags in ActiveCampaign to trigger actions that will automatically be applied to membership levels.

  • You have the ability to set members to be Added To, Removed From, Cancelled From, Uncancelled From a level in WishList Member based on a contact being Added/Removed from a tag in ActiveCampaign. This helps open up the options in terms of automating member upgrading and progression

  • Actions can be applied to levels in WishList Member which in turn applies tags in ActiveCampaign.

  • You can allow Adding/Removing of contacts to and from lists in ActiveCampaign based on level actions in WishList Member. This means a contact could be added to an ActiveCampaign list automatically when they are cancelled from a level. Or contacts could be removed from a specific ActiveCampaign list if they are added to a new level in WishList Member. These are just a few examples of the options available.

  • Features

    • Provide access to exclusive protected content when someone joins your email list.
    • Add members to a list and email them a special offer if they decide to cancel their access to your membership.
    • If a contact is removed from a list, automatically remove them from a corresponding level to revoke their access.
    • Unsubscribe a contact from a list if they are removed from a Level.

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    WishList Member Integration with ActiveCampaign

    Automatically control the delivery of protected content to specified contacts based on the factors you set. The sharing of information between WishList Member and ActiveCampaign allows for simple adding/removing members from levels and lists based on what you decide.

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