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Integrate GrowSurf with ActiveCampaign

Connect GrowSurf with ActiveCampaign and easily generate referral links for your contacts to share

A referral program built right into your ActiveCampaign emails

Just copy and paste %GROWSURF_SHARE_URL% into your ActiveCampaign emails to give your contacts their unique referral link. Your contact never needs to sign up for your referral program and can start sharing their link immediately.

Get low-cost leads on autopilot with referrals

Supercharge your ActiveCampaign email marketing funnel. Engage your audience with a referral program and grow your email list by 10% to 30% at the lowest possible cost. GrowSurf customers enjoy 300-1000% ROI and 9-40% monthly growth.

Personalize your referral program for better engagement

When you connect GrowSurf to ActiveCampaign, it's easy to fully personalize your emails using personalization tags. Effortlessly add messages like "You're 2 referrals away from free stickers!" to your ActiveCampaign emails.


  • Craft a referral program just like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Morning Brew.
  • Track referrals on purchases, sign-ups, and any other activity.
  • Automated reward coupons, account credits, or any incentive you can imagine.
  • 100% whitelabeled. The fact that you didn’t code your referral program will be a secret.
  • Each participant in your referral campaign receives a unique referral link to share. You can always customize the Share URL.
  • GrowSurf does all the heavy lifting to promote your campaign and automatically emails new participants with their unique referral link, notifies winners, and sends monthly reminders.
  • Rewards management comes baked into GrowSurf and helps you stay organized. Your dashboard will always show you when a reward needs to be approved or fulfilled
  • 100% mobile friendly. GrowSurf elements are responsive and look great on your site in any screen size.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance - Enable informed consent for forms and unsubscribe links in emails, and mask data displayed in GrowSurf elements.
  • Get alerted when referrals happen and when new participants join your referral campaign.

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GrowSurf - Referral software that makes it easy to get low-cost growth

Connect GrowSurf to your ActiveCampaign account to get low-cost leads on autopilot. Whatever the event, GrowSurf lets you engage your audience to unlock word-of-mouth growth.

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