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Integrate Toosa with ActiveCampaign

Combine powerful personalized SMS communication at scale with the power and agility of customer experience automation. SMS is crucial for an effective customer engagement strategy and it’s proven to reach the right customer with the right message, wherever they are

Powerful SMS & powerful CXA

CXA-backed SMS does more than just send automated messages, it makes it easier to connect 1:1 with your customers. Provide an exceptional experience that can guide each customer along their individual journey with relevant content just for them.

Connect with customers across channels

Add Toosa SMS to your messaging channels to directly connect with customers on the device they take with them on the go. Track each contact’s behavior within ActiveCampaign, and depending on their action (or inaction), kickoff an automation workflow to send them a text, an email, or otherwise engage them on the channel they prefer.

Stack your tools for success

Add flexibility to your SMS strategy by connecting Toosa and ActiveCampaign in just a few easy steps. Send important notifications about order status, appointment reminders, all from one place to build a strong relationship with your customers.


  • Email: [email protected]
  • Features

    • Send SMS messages to a contact moving through an automation
    • Automatically trigger SMS messages based on any action
    • Connect multiple Toosa Numbers to your ActiveCampaign account
    • Reach your customers and contacts wherever they are with Toosa SMS

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