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Integrate UpContent with ActiveCampaign

Seamlessly bring uniquely curated articles to your scheduled or single ActiveCampaign email campaigns

Discover Great Content

UpContent analyzes millions of articles each month to make sure we only bring you the best of the best. Only those articles that meet your topic criteria and filters are presented for you to for manual or automated curation

Unify Content Channels

UpContent's integration-first approach allows you to easily bring the same articles you curate for your email campaigns to your website, social media profiles, internal team channels, and wherever you can realize value - without playing the copy & paste game.

Convert Readers & Prove ROI

Overlay your own, custom, call-to-action on each article you curate - stimulating your readers to act, and enabling you to fully track that activity back to your curated email.


  • Leverage UpContent Collections to easily surface and approve articles to be delivered via your scheduled or ad hoc email campaigns.
  • Style how you want the email and curated articles to appear using ActiveCampaign's Design tools and set a schedule for consistent delivery of an engaging reader experience.
  • Automatically overall a customized call-to-action on articles delivered via an ActiveCampaign email to stimulate conversion and provide full attribution reporting.

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Easily Create A Compelling Email Digest that Converts with UpContent and ActiveCampaign

With a few simple steps you can quickly and easily create a compelling email digest filled with the articles you find most valuable to your audience that will automatically be delivered at the frequency you choose, to the list you choose, in the style you choose.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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