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Integrate Truto with ActiveCampaign

Natively integrate with ActiveCampaign 100x faster with a unified API. Support for all CRUD operations across +200 SaaS applications

Unified data format

Transform data from ActiveCampaign to a custom unified format or use Truto's unified format

Zero grunt work

Save precious developer hours spent on documentation, authentication, pagination, libraries, data mapping, rate limits, language barriers and integration maintenance

Focus on product

Why spend time on integrations when there's a low-code way to do it? Focus on shipping features for your customers faster.


  • Unified APIs for CRM, ATS, HRMS, Helpdesk, Accounting, E-commerce & Healthcare
  • You have the power to customize our default Unified APIs to suit your needs.
  • No more polling. Get real-time data via webhooks.
  • Build custom integrations quickly and easily with our API builder.
  • Tailor-made for multi-tenant SaaS applications
  • Flexibility to interact with the underlying API - authentication and pagination are handled by us

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Integrations are not deal-breakers

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