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Integrate Wildmetrics with ActiveCampaign

Wildmetrics is API-based marketing analytics for ActiveCampaign funnels & ad campaigns. We integrate with your marketing tools natively & use a API-based tracking approach as our source of truth to not rely on in-accurate cookies, pixels or UTM tracking links

Connect ActiveCampaign data with advertising & sales data

Connect ActiveCampaign data with Stripe, PayPal, Facebook & Google ads to analyse your funnels & see your marketing performance.

Real-time Dashboard

Get a real-time dashboard to have an improved overview about your marketing performance & sales data.

Track ActiveCampaign funnels

Track your ActiveCampaign funnels & customer journeys of your contacts and study how they convert. Learn what customer acquisition channels work best & calculate ROI & ROAS with a click.


  • Combine different ActiveCampaign tags with each other and see revenue per tag.
  • Select tags, lists, automations & deals to track the customer journey of your contacts. See revenue and ROI.
  • See revenue and ROI for all your ActiveCampaign funnels, automations & campaigns.
  • Analyse which emails generate you the most money so that you can improve your email sequences & campaigns

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Wildmetrics's Visual Funnel Tracking Editor

Use the visual funnel tracking editor to track your ActiveCampaign funnels and analyse your marketing & sales performance.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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