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Integrate Wicked Reports with ActiveCampaign

Automatically track and attribute revenue to gain ROI and LTV insights

  1. Automatically detects new leads from ActiveCampaign and track LTV and ROI.
  2. Our one-click integration to ActiveCampaign syncs new leads created each day from your marketing. We attribute those new leads to the correct marketing campaign and cost. Anytime the lead purchases in the future, Wicked Reports will show the increased LTV and ROI for the marketing that acquired the lead.

  3. Automatically tag ActiveCampaign email clicks and connect to orders.

    Wicked automatically detects and reports all email clicks that lead to sales. No need for redirect links or timely UTM setups, we auto-tag it all for you.

  4. Attribute subscription and offline order sources back to ActiveCampaign marketing activities.

    Your best customers are recurring subscription customers - Wicked detects this and connects it to the marketing that created your ActiveCampaign leads.

  5. Power Google Smart Campaigns with ActiveCampaign leads.

    Wicked Reports partnered with Google to send CRM conversions to the Google bidding algorithms to help increase your Google ROI.


  • Find more leads that buy at high LTV.
  • Attribute subscription revenue
  • Attribute all major shopping cart revenue for true ROI
  • Auto-tag emails, Facebook ads, and Google ads

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