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Integrate Helpwise with ActiveCampaign

No need to forward emails or shared passwords for accounts. Use Helpwise! A shared inbox solution that allows teams to assign and delegate email and social media conversations from one platform

Create and Manage ActiveCampaign Contacts

Helpwise will allow you to manage your ActiveCampaign contacts and deals right from your Helpwise account.

Create and Manage ActiveCampaign Deals

Using Helpwise, you'll be able to view & update all your deals associated with any conversation on Helpwise. You can also create ActiveCampaign deals right from within Helpwise.

Real-Time sync

Helpwise syncs contacts and deals with ActiveCampaign in real-time. So, you'll be able to see the changes take place on ActiveCampaign as and when they happen.


  • Create Contacts from Helpwise
  • View & Update contacts related to any conversation on Helpwise
  • Manage multiple conversations with ActiveCampaign contacts right from Helpwise Shared Inbox.


  • Create Deals from Helpwise
  • Manage Deal Stage, Status, Pipeline & Value

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Manage multiple conversations & deals with ActiveCampaign contacts on Helpwise with ease.

Helpwise allows your team to manage multiple conversations with your Active Campaign contacts, right from your shared team inbox on Helpwise.

Manage your contacts, deals & conversations from one platform for maximum efficiency.

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