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Integrate elfoA2P - SMS Messaging Platform with ActiveCampaign

Integrate the leading SMS service provider elfoA2P with ActiveCampaign's email automation

A2P SMS App for Automated Text Messaging:

  • Set up reminders, notifications, abandoned cart nudges, and more. You can also create SMS triggers based on your customers' actions. For instance,send a confirmation SMS to a customer after they've booked an appointment or made a purchase.
  • Complete SMS Solution: Enable activity updates to receive delivery reports and replies directly into each contact's activity log in ActiveCampaign, keeping you and your team informed.
  • Global Reach: We are connected to over 800 networks worldwide, ensuring your message reaches its destination.
  • Enhance Sales with Targeted and Personalized Text Messages:

  • Combine text messaging with your sales pipeline and email marketing campaigns to enhance your ROI. Adding SMS to your ActiveCampaign account is straightforward.
  • Within ActiveCampaign's automation, you can personalize marketing messages using custom fields, including customer names. You can gauge engagement by incorporating trackable short links in each message.
  • Integrate SMS into ActiveCampaign in a Few Simple Steps

  • Adding SMS to your ActiveCampaign account through our native elfoA2P integration is a straightforward process. Connect the tools within minutes.
  • Integration Steps: Simply follow one step – Within Automations, click the "+" sign to Add a New Action, and then select CX Apps from the left panel.
  • Reliable Network Connectivity: elfoA2P is trusted by businesses worldwide, thanks to its direct network connections and global routes. Additionally,24/7 customer support is available for your assistance.
  • Bulk SMS Integration Gateway:

  • Trigger SMS Workflows: Automate SMS within ActiveCampaign Workflows based on any trigger.
  • Diverse Connectivity Options: Utilize our Integration Gateway to send SMS to your ActiveCampaign lists and campaigns. Easily access sent and received messages on the contact's profile within ActiveCampaign.
  • Individual or Bulk Messaging: Send individual or bulk messages to your ActiveCampaign lists without limitations based on the number of contacts you have.
  • Features

    • Delivery Rate: Ensure 95-99% delivery rate on direct connection.
    • Global Coverage: We provide all types of networks to all countries in the world.
    • Secure SMS Gateway: IP-set VPN Protocol for additional security assurance.
    • Technical Support: Our support is 24/7 around the clock.
    • Schedule SMS, Send Reminders, Send OTP, Send Notifications, Transparent Monitoring & Reporting

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    Send SMS with elfoA2P

    elfoA2P powers billions of SMS messages worldwide and uses direct routes. You can now schedule SMS, send your important notifications, Reminder, OTP with Transparent Monitoring & Reporting to your customers instantly.

    Setting up is easy as it would only take few steps. Visit the Help Docs in the left to learn more.

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