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Integrate Voucherify with ActiveCampaign

Launch contextual, personalized coupon, referral, discount, giveaway, and loyalty campaigns faster and distribute them with ActiveCampaign

Take control over promotion logic

Create fine-grained promotion rules like earning rules for loyalty programs, validation rules for coupons, reward criteria, tiers, segments, budget limits and more. Set up your promotion logic using an intuitive dashboard in a couple of clicks, without the need to involve developers. Change your campaign settings any time you want.

Launch promo campaigns faster

Integrate Voucherify API in days and hand it over from developers to the marketing team. Launch promotional campaigns in minutes and distribute omnichannel using ActiveCampaign integration, straight from a user-friendly dashboard.

Improve the performance of your campaigns on every channel

Use personalized promotions and contextual messaging to improve customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and re-engagement. Set fine-grained rules, A/B test, analyze your campaigns, and instantly optimize them to maximize your results.


  • Synchronize customers and their attributes and exchange data between both accounts.
  • Send discount codes to customers in Active Campaign by using Voucherify Distribution.
  • Use contact properties to build specific segments for your promotional campaigns.
  • Automatically send rewards to customers in ActiveCampaign as a part of a referral program.

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Voucherify codes distributed in ActiveCampaign campaigns

After connecting the APIs by inserting API keys of the other platform in each platform, go to Lists and Manage Fields in ActiveCampaign and add a new field. Set up ActiveCampaign as the distribution channel in Voucherify and voila! Your referral codes and coupon codes created in Voucherify appear in your ActiveCampaign messages

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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