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Integrate Simplesat with ActiveCampaign

Embed surveys in emails, sync contacts to Simplesat, and send rating data to ActiveCampaign

Embed surveys in ActiveCampaign

Include CSAT, NPS, or CES customer satisfaction surveys directly in any ActiveCampaign email template.

Sync contacts to Simplesat

Syncing contacts from ActiveCampaign to Simplesat means your data is always up to date and prevents you from having to perform manual CSV imports.

Send rating details back to ActiveCampaign

Each time your customer provides a rating, Simplesat can update any custom field in ActiveCampaign. From there, you can create workflow rules based on each customer's satisfaction score.


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  • Features

    • Survey customers after a purchase, demo, or any event-based transaction.
    • Include surveys at the bottom of email newsletters to get your recipient's feedback.
    • Create automated campaigns to ask customers for reviews based on their latest satisfaction scores.
    • Send quarterly email NPS surveys from Simplesat to contacts synced from ActiveCampaign

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    The easiest way to get customer feedback through ActiveCampaign

    Simplesat's suite of ActiveCampaign integrations give you the ability to update contacts with rating details and sync contacts to Simplesat to give your team full control and transparency over the customer satisfaction experience.

    Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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