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Integrate ActiveMember360 with ActiveCampaign

ActiveMember360 is a WordPress plugin that leverages as much of your ActiveCampaign data, automations and events into a cohesive, fully automated membership system for your WordPress site

  • ActiveMember360 uses your contacts' data to grant access to your site's content. It automatically keeps tabs on changes, as they take place, and automatically adjusts access to the site accordingly. Content protection means you get paid for your work, your knowledge and your ideas.

  • After installing ActiveMember360, you're only a few clicks away from running a powerful, professional and profitable membership site using your existing content. All on autopilot.

  • Using the many shortcodes available, which includes all available contact data, any page/post/lesson can be automatically be individualized for the current visitor. Always on target.

  • Our conditional shortcodes let you ask "IF...THEN" questions and display specific content to specific groups of users. Content segmentation is as easy as that. No need to create separate pages or lessons. Easy is ... easy.

  • Use a separate site for each subscription or bundle them all in one site. Either way, you will always have unlimited membership levels and unlimited users at your disposal. No limits.

  • Built for speed and performance, ActiveMember360 can handle anything you throw at it. Using ActiveCampaign API magic, your contact's data is kept in sync. Automatically.

  • Use the translation files provided and customize all output seen by your subscribers, whether English or another language. International.

  • ActiveMember360 is more than just a membership system. Any opt-in can be made a "member" of any site and automatically logged in. Use ActiveMember360 to track user behavior and assign them to lists, add or remove tags, start automations as they navigate your site. Extend your marketing reach.

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