Customer Experience Automation for Zendesk Support

Connect Zendesk with ActiveCampaign to simplify ticket management, oversee customers' support activity, and guide customers through their respective pipelines effectively.

Be more effective and efficient

Integrate ActiveCampaign and Zendesk Support to keep both your customers and your internal teams informed on important steps in the customer journey.

Know what to do next

Always know the next step to take with your customers by following informed, helpful data.

Keep your customers happy

Reduce churn and keep your customers happy by always being one step ahead of things with support information available in your CRM.

Pre-Built Automation Recipes

What you can do with Zendesk and ActiveCampaign

Use ActiveCampaign with Zendesk to create more informed and well-managed pipelines to house your customers.

What you can do:

  • Automatically send Slack alerts to Support leaders when Zendesk tickets go unresolved for more than 2 business days.
  • Update a customer's email in Zendesk and match it in ActiveCampaign with 1 click.
  • Track when a prospect visits a specific page of your site, opens an email, or fills out a demo form.