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Integrate Delighted with ActiveCampaign

Automatically trigger customer surveys based on events within ActiveCampaign

Capture feedback throughout the customer journey

  • Surface critical feedback at any moment along the customer journey in ActiveCampaign. With the ability to trigger based on present events, as well as custom tags, the possibilities for when and where to surface feedback are limitless.

  • Out-of-box reporting to dig deeper

  • Delighted captures all responses and metadata from the surveys sent through ActiveCampaign, enabling your team to access Delighted's user friendly reports and dashboards. Trigger surveys and analyze feedback all directly within the Delighted platform.

  • Put jet fuel into your company's growth

  • Brands that focus on CX feedback see 1.4x more growth, and 1.6x greater LTV from their customers.

  • Help Doc: Connect Delighted to ActiveCampaign


    • Collected feedback about a recent purchase by triggering transactional surveys after a customer makes a purchase via your online store
    • Effectively monitor customer support team performance via automated CSAT surveys after Help Desk interactions
    • Understand why customers fell off a deal cycle by triggering surveys after deals are marked as lost
    • Build a loyal following by setting up ongoing NPS surveys for existing customers and surfacing (as well as replicating) common behaviors amongst retained accounts
    • Collect feedback after important events, ranging from conferences to college move-in days

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    The Easiest Way to Collect Customer Feedback

    Automatically trigger Delighted surveys following key moments in the customer journey - whether that's following a deal closing, product being purchased, support interaction, or thousands of other potential events. Delighted's full suite of features - ranging from distribution to analysis - perfectly compliments CX automation in ActiveCampaign.

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