Apps and Integrations

Integrate Ploomes with ActiveCampaign

Send leads from automated marketing flows to Ploomes CRM and manage your opportunities from end to end

Automatically send your leads to CRM

Manage your opportunities end-to-end. Send leads from ActiveCampaign to Ploomes by inserting triggers throughout marketing automations

Use automations to service your leads at the right timing

Set up automations in Ploomes to send email or schedule appointments so your salespeople can serve leads before the competition.

Bring organization, control and productivity to your sales process

With Ploomes you can manage your lead and customer base completely. Automatic actions and document automations will make everything simpler, and workflow management will allow your processes to be respected as a whole.


  • Send leads to Ploomes CRM at strategic points in your marketing automation flows
  • Engage your opportunities with quick and assertive service
  • Combine automation flows and segmentation to increase sales assertiveness
  • Manage leads end-to-end and generate reports with sales and marketing data
  • Bring information about the origin of your leads to CRM and give your salespeople greater negotiating power
  • Have integrated sales and marketing departments

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Ploomes CRM combines user-friendly and robustness

Manage customers and opportunities, have complete and automated workflows, generate automatic quotes in minutes and have all metrics and KPIs available for continuous analysis.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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