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Integrate Productive Call Assistant with ActiveCampaign

The world's first mobile call assistant gives your ActiveCampaign account SUPERPOWERS by syncing your current mobile calls. Instantly create leads during your calls, while initiating your ActiveCampaign automations, simply by adding your TAGS and LISTS for each entry. You will also have smart features such as automatic call-logging, automated hands-free note-taking, call recordings, and transcripts; all directly synced to your ActiveCampaign contacts

Automatically create contacts in ActiveCampaign from cell phone calls

  • Productive connects cell phone call data to ActiveCampaign. The process of creating contacts from phone calls into ActiveCampaign is manual and tedious. Productive has a one-tap process that automatically populates the phone number and name into a new contact in ActiveCampaign, immediately after a call.

  • See ActiveCampaign contact name and notes when calls arrive

  • Users may not have ActiveCampaign contacts saved in their phone so they won’t know who is calling. Productive queries ActiveCampaign when calls arrive to show users the caller’s information before answering the call.

  • Automatically record and transcribe calls and make voice or text notes, and updating all call information into ActiveCampaign automatically.

  • Productive connects cell phone call data to ActiveCampaign. Users don’t need to wait until they get back to a computer or search for a contact and update it manually in the mobile app. Updates happen automatically, keeping ActiveCampaign up to date with data from every call.

  • Features

    • Be assured that every call lead is instantly added in your ActiveCampaign account.
    • Instantly launch your automations directly from your call conversations, by adding TAGS or assigning leads to your LISTS from ActiveCampaign.
    • Ensure your ActiveCampaign is up-to-date with automated note-taking features such as in-call voice notes, post-call voice summaries, and traditional text notes; all automatically logged to your contacts' page in ActiveCampaign.
    • Have assurance that you will NEVER forget important details again with optional call recordings and transcriptions, automatically stored in your ActiveCampaign contacts' page.
    • Professional call greetings allow you to play a professional disclosure for incoming calls, notifying leads and ActiveCampaign contacts of the business/person they are contacting.
    • CRM Caller ID is a first of it's kind feature, which displays important details and notes of your incoming ActiveCampaign contacts BEFORE you answer the call. Now you will be prepared for every conversation, without playing the "who is this again?" g

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    Productive provides the assurance you'll never forget important information again. Whether it's a transcript of your call conversation, notes based on keywords, follow-up tasks, or updating your database; Productive takes all the "busy" out of your work. Now you have more time to focus on your calls and customers, and less on the tedious tasks that follow.

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