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Integrate Supermetrics with ActiveCampaign

Supermetrics moves your ActiveCampaign data to your go-to reporting, or analytics platform — whether that’s a spreadsheet, or a data visualization tool

Gain strategic advantage

When you spend less time gathering data and manually reporting it, you’ll have more time to draw insights from it. Better yet, as the data is centralized in one location, it’s easy to make data-driven decisions based on historical proof.

No need to code

Supermetrics is easy to set up and doesn’t require any coding skills. Simply select the metrics you want to pull from ActiveCampaign and let Supermetrics do the heavy lifting. Your data in reports within minutes

Your data partner from the start

There’s no one size fits all. Supermetrics helps you whether your data reporting needs are big or small. You can start moving your data to a spreadsheet or pull and process excessive amounts of data with data warehouse products.


  • Pull data from your deals, campaigns, and contacts easily with Supermetrics. Report on metrics such as campaign clicks, opens, sends, deal status, value, and so much more.
  • Store your ActiveCampaign data in a spreadsheet or a data visualization tool. Make data available for the entire organization by centralizing it to a destination of your choice.
  • Combine your ActiveCampaign data with 100+ marketing and sales platforms, create cross-channel reports easily, and visualize your business performance.
  • Set automatic triggers to refresh your reports and ensure you and your team can always act on relevant data.

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The easiest way to move your ActiveCampaign data

Pull data on your email marketing campaigns, deals, and contacts from ActiveCampaign at the click of a button. Aggregate data from all your advertising and marketing platforms to fully visualize your performance.

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