Apps and Integrations

Integrate Vectera with ActiveCampaign

Automatically create or update a deal or contact in ActiveCampaign when someone schedules an appointment in Vectera

Smoothen your CRM-flow

Connect ActiveCampaign to Vectera and automatically create new contacts, accounts and deals in your CRM-tool when someone books an appointment with you in Vectera.

Keep your CRM up to date

Existing deals will be updated automatically in ActiveCampaign as soon as your contact schedules a new meeting.

Keep things clear

Automatically add the created contacts and deals to the right list, pipeline and/or stage in ActiveCampaign.



  • Automatically create a new contact in ActiveCampaign if it doesn't exist already and keep track of your past and future meetings
  • Automatically create an account record as well
  • Automatically add contacts to an existing ActiveCampaign list and streamline your email campaigns
  • Create or update a deal in ActiveCampaign for the new or existing contact and smoothen your client follow up

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Schedule meetings and keep your CRM up to date

Automatically add and update contacts, accounts and deals to ActiveCampaign as soon as a client schedules an online meeting in Vectera with you. Use Vectera for online client meetings and smoothen your CRM flow at the same time.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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