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Integrate KrispCall with ActiveCampaign

Thrive with better business telephony and redefine the way you connect and engage with your clients with KrispCall and ActiveCampaign integration. Boost your customer interactions by taking advantage of KrispCall’s advanced features, which ensure streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity

Make and Receive Calls and Messages

Talk to your customers/leads in seconds with a click-to-call button in ActiveCampaign. You can also send instant SMS messages by using the texting option.

Keep Your Contacts Up-to-Date

Synchronize your ActiveCampaign contacts to KrispCall and the other way around, to stay up to date with your customers' and prospects' details.

Auto-Log and Manage Every Interaction

Each interaction, be it calls, messages, or voicemails that you have with a contact on KrispCall is auto-logged and saved within your ActiveCampaign account.


  • Use click-to-dial to automatically call any phone number in your ActiveCampaign interface, eliminating the need to manually enter phone numbers.
  • Utilize all of KrispCall’s cloud telephony features, such as IVR, live call monitoring, call forwarding, and call transfers wherever you are.
  • Maintain contact records, including call dates & times, tags, and notes. And analyze and access call recordings and transcripts at your convenience.
  • Automate the process of capturing leads from calls made through KrispCall and inputting them into ActiveCampaign for further nurturing and follow-up.

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