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Integrate DocSales with ActiveCampaign

Prepare, send and eSign sales documents automatically importing CRM data

Reduce Manual Work

In a couple of clicks, prepare proposals and contracts and send them to your prospect. Say goodbye to copying- pasting opportunity data into ms-word.

Simple plug-and-play integration

In just 1 minute, you can integrate DocSales with ActiveCampaign.

We update your CRM by adding notes and links to the signed documents, and can also update the deal status to WON and add the value.

Reduce Sales Cycle

eSignatures reduces up to 60% the time to sign proposals and contracts.


  • All your sales documents (proposals, contracts or agreements) will be personalized on DocSales as templates
  • Import data from opportunities straight to DocSales (customer, contact, products/services and custom field)
  • Prepare sales documents in a couple clicks
  • Send it to your customer to eSign it
  • Everything that happens on DocSales will be added as notes on ActiveCampaign opportunity (Document sent, rejected, signed)
  • As soon as the document is signed DocSales can automatically: set opps as won and update its value, as the real document value (MRR or TCV).

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DocSales makes it simple to eSign your documents

Upload your sales PDFs, add e-signing and enjoy a 100% online workflow. CRM integration, real-time tracking of your documents, legally binding eSignatures and more.
Sign with ease on any device - smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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