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Integrate FreeBusy with ActiveCampaign

Automate scheduling of meetings throughout the different stages of Sales pipeline

Capture new leads with a booking widget on website and landing pages

  • FreeBusy makes it easy for you to embed a booking page as widget to offer an automated scheduling experience from your website and landing pages. Visitors can check your team's availability, respond to your questions and propose a meeting in under 60 seconds. Whenever a meeting is scheduled, FreeBusy automatically detects if it is a new lead and creates a new contact in ActiveCampaign saving you all the manual work
  • Eliminate back-and-forth of emails to schedule meetings with existing Contacts

  • With FreeBusy, you can personalize scheduling links using contact details from ActiveCampaign. When you send these links as part of an email blast, the contact receiving the email can click on the link and pick a time that works best for them. FreeBusy records the scheduled meeting as activity within the contact's record in ActiveCampaign so that you never miss a meeting.
  • Trigger automated workflows based on type of meeting scheduled

  • FreeBusy lets you create and share multiple booking pages based on the kind of meetings you want the contact to schedule. With the ActiveCampaign integration, FreeBusy passes this information about the booking page used to schedule the meeting by adding custom tags for contacts. You can thus use these tags to initiate custom follow-up automation based on the different scheduling journeys.
  • Features

    • Use automated scheduling to get meetings self-scheduled by leads and contacts based on your team's availability
    • Track your scheduled meetings at one place with each meeting recorded as a task within your Contact in ActiveCampaign
    • Segment contacts and trigger different automations based on custom tags added by FreeBusy when a meeting is scheduled
    • Collaborate and work together as a team with advanced team scheduling capabilities like round-robin and group meetings
    • Reduce no-shows with multiple automated SMS and email reminders that are sent out a couple of hours before the meeting
    • Add a custom questionnaire in the scheduling process to collect responses and use it to qualify leads

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    Coordinate meetings 10x faster with automated scheduling

    FreeBusy is an AI scheduling assistant that helps you use automated scheduling throughout the different stages of your sales cycle. Integrating with all your calendars, it checks your real-time availability to get meetings scheduled without the back-and-forth of emails. FreeBusy syncs scheduled meetings as activities in your contacts within ActiveCampaign to help you manage your schedule all at one place.

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