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Integrate ZeroBounce with ActiveCampaign

ZeroBounce is an award-winning email verification, deliverability, and email-finding platform

Lower your email bounce rate to 2% or lower

Use 99% accurate email validation to find fake, invalid email addresses that lead to email bounces. Just connect your ActiveCampaign account, select an email list, and identify 30+ email address types, including invalid emails, disposable domains, abuse emails, and spam traps.

Automated email list cleaning

Automatically validate every new contact added to your list manually or via signup forms. Eliminate the hands-on labor and automatically block invalid or high-risk email addresses from entering your database.

Improve your email ROI and sender reputation

Active email list hygiene lowers your email bounce rate and improves your company’s sender reputation. By keeping your email contacts clean according to best email marketing practices, you’ll gather more insights into your campaigns, drive engagement, and generate more sales via email.

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  • Get reliable email validation with 99% accuracy guaranteed. Identify non-existent, misspelled emails and create new valid email lists to reach the customer inbox and convert more subscribers.
  • Enable real-time email validation to monitor and verify every new email address added to your ActiveCampaign email lists automatically.
  • Use A.I. Email Scoring and catch-all validation to rate the value of your catch-all email contacts. Identify activity levels for email contacts and pinpoint which ones have a high conversion rate potential.
  • Schedule how frequently to run the email validation and email scoring features for each ActiveCampaign list. Automatically run the validator every X days for all of your contacts or just the newly added email addresses.
  • Protect your company’s email list data with military-grade security and encryption. Ensure that your email data complies with privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.
  • Get accurate email list validation results with consistently fewer than 1% “unknown” results. Effectively verify email domains worldwide and gain actionable insights into your email list.

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ZeroBounce Email Validation and Scoring Integration for ActiveCampaign Lists

Automatically validate new email addresses by integrating ZeroBounce with ActiveCampaign via your API key. Directly connecting your account makes it simple to verify and score new email contacts, schedule your cleaning frequency, and share your ActiveCampaign lists with other official integrations.

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