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Integrate Rewardful with ActiveCampaign

Automatically send affiliates into ActiveCampaign when they sign up for your program

Onboard & nurture your affiliates

When you integrate Rewardful with ActiveCampaign, your new affiliates, referrers, influencers and partners are automatically sent to your ActiveCampaign email lists. Create a welcome sequence to onboard and activate your affiliates. Keep them engaged & in the loop on all your exciting updates.

Segment your affiliates

Rewardful lets you optionally set up campaign-specific and default tag IDs that will be applied to new subscribers depending on which campaign the affiliate registers for in Rewardful.

Affiliate experience automation

Rewardful also adds three additional fields (affiliate token, default affiliate link, dashboard portal link) to each subscriber it creates which can help you dynamically build personalized affiliate links to any page on your site directly inside your emails to each affiliate -- helping your affiliates amplify all your best content!

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