Integrate Typeform with ActiveCampaign

Automatically send info you collect with all kinds of custom forms straight into ActiveCampaign

Trigger your follow-up based on form information

Follow up the moment a form gets submitted. Send a welcome email, notify your team, create a segment, or add a new deal — without having to lift a finger. Connect any number of typeforms to ActiveCampaign, and automate more unique customer experiences.

Information you need – stored in ActiveCampaign segments

Capture lead info from interactive quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires. Create more targeted customer segments from the info you collect to show each person exactly what they want to see.

More insights = more sales

When your forms are intuitive, you’ll spend less time digging for info. Customers submit your forms with the information you need — pulled seamlessly into ActiveCampaign. With all your info in one place, get insights faster and make more sales.

What can you do with Typeform + ActiveCampaign?

Trigger automations based on the information you collect in Typeform. Segment your audience (automatically) so you can send exactly what they want to see. Typeform offers multiple form templates, so you can always collect the information you need – and act on it with ActiveCampaign.

Collect information using:

  • Survey forms
  • Quote forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Questionnaire forms
  • Poll forms
  • Event forms
  • Quiz forms
  • Contact forms
  • Lead generation forms

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