Integrate Convertful with ActiveCampaign


How this app can help

Convert site visitors into ActiveCampaign subscribers using the modern tools like Social Sign-ups ("Subscribe With Facebook" button), Segmentation Surveys and Quizzes, Spin-to-Win Gamification and Scratch Card Gamification Widgets, Deadline Funnels, Yes/No Welcome Mats, Content Lockings and so much more.

Convertful provides a powerful integration with ActiveCampaign that allows you to add contacts (also via an ActiveCampaign form for the double opt-in), add/remove tags, set deals stages, add contacts notes, update custom fields and much more.

What's more, you can target widgets by ActiveCampaign contacts' tags, lists, deals and custom fields, ("account-based targeting") which allows you to personalize your on-site promotions as never before.

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