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Read and write data with ActiveCampaign and 10+ other CRM platforms through one Unified API. Add multiple customer-facing integrations to your product in a day.

Maintain API Health manages ActiveCampaign's integration maintenance, API changes, and reviews data formats, so your developers don’t have to.

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Deliver secure, deep and powerful integrations for all kinds of use cases with advanced observability and security features. never stores your customers’ data


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  • Features

    • Built for developers: Unified is the most straightforward integration development experience. With just a few lines of code, your users can connect to 100+ SaaS products.
    • Truly Unified: We’ve abstracted everything, so you can focus on what matters. Start adding integrations with Unified API endpoints, Data Models, Webhooks, Authorization, and Permission Scopes.
    • Flexible Integrations: Our APIs are flexible and cater to several architectural styles. Choose from REST, gRPC, GraphQL, or programming language SDKs.
    • Auth embeddings: Make your front-end one less thing to think about. Simplify authorization and account management with our low-code auth and user components.
    • Transparency features: Keep track of all your integrations. Stay informed when APIs change with real-time log monitoring and enhanced observability.
    • Developer support: Getting started is easy with onboarding guides and launch checklists. Find clear and comprehensive documentation for all API endpoints and data models.

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    Instant set-up. No credit card required.