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Online service for creating creative Countdown Timers for Email

About Promofeatures

PromoFeatures is an online service that allows you to create countdown timers for emails. It has tons of timer templates as well as tons of settings (background transparency, background image, lots of extra padding, extra colors for each time segment, and lots of other settings) with which you can create a timer for any email design. PromoFeatures uses modern technologies for creating GIF animations, as well as various optimizers so that the timer is of high quality while loading faster.

How it works

The counter for email is a GIF animation that is created by using PromoFeatures editor. When you click the "Save" button, editor generates the code that needs to be inserted into the HTML code of the email. There are many different online editors to help you paste this code into a email. When you set this code in an e-mail and send a newsletter, then when you open this letter with your client, counter starts generating a GIF animation with a countdown of the time left until the end of your event that you set. The animation will count for about 60 seconds (time may vary depending on the size of the timer), after this time, if the user logs back on this letter, the counter will be regenerated again only with a different time.

Timer types

In addition to the standard timer type, PromoFeatures has a transactional type (evergreen) if you want the timer to be unique for each user, a timer with a dynamic start time (if you need the timer to start counting down at a specific time) and an perpetual timer if you want the countdown the countdown did not end.


  • A large number of settings for the external view of the countdown counter.
  • After starting your timer, you can easily change the external view without changing the embedded code.
  • Create your countdown timer for email on 60+ languages.
  • Track your email newsletter with real-time impression analytics.
  • Visually optimized across all devices.
  • Optimized countdown counter for fast loading.
  • PromoFeature's Countdown timers work with all Email Service Providers and Websites

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PromoFeatures countdown timer editor

With the help of our timer constructor, you create a snippet of code that you should copy and paste to your email into HTML. It is quite easy to create this code. You only need to choose the design of the counter, then specify its size, color, etc. (we have a lot of additional settings with which you can make a timer for every taste). Then you need to choose the end date of the counter, then click "Save" and your HTML code is ready for embedding in the letter.

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