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Integrate CountdownMail with ActiveCampaign

Visually Create Stunning Countdown Timers for Email


  • CountdownMail provides an easy way to include countdown timers in your email campaigns. It's a great new way to enhance the look of your emails and engage your readers. The timer shows your recipients the exact amount of time left and thus eliminates the risk of anyone missing out due to ambiguous deadlines. Watching the timer tick down creates a sense of urgency for potential customers to act and leads to more conversions.

  • Build and integrate easily

  • Powerful & easy use timer builder allows you to create stunning countdown timers in a matter of seconds.

  • You can customize the colors, fonts, templates, background images, expiry messages, and more. And best of all, you can create evergreen timers. This allows you to give each of your subscribers a timer specific to them.

  • Automate your Countdown Timer

  • Use the CountdownMail app is an automation action to start a countdown timer when a contact passes through this action in your automation.

  • How to integrate

    From within Automations, click the + sign to Add a New Action, then click CX Apps in the left panel.


    • Create urgency and increase conversions
    • No coding required
    • Custom fonts
    • Create your timer in any language
    • Beautifully designed templates
    • Optimized for all devices

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