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Integrate with ActiveCampaign

Use NiftyImages with ActiveCampaign to easily create personalized and tailored content at the moment your email is opened

Increase Engagement & Revenue

By leveraging existing data and known characteristics, personalized experiences are produced at scale to drive engagement & revenue.

Create Urgency

Create a sense of urgency to get more clicks with a countdown timer to any future event, such as a product launch, next big sale, birthday sale, the next holiday, and more.


  • Personalize any image to demand attention
  • Build countdown timers to create urgency
  • Create unique countdown timers with dynamic dates
  • Use custom fonts
  • Personalize any image using multiple variables
  • Display seasonal products based on open time weather
  • Display an image of a map showing the closest location to each subscriber
  • Create custom charts showing personal data for each subscriber
  • Show loyalty points for each subscriber
  • Change an image if the subscriber has/hasn’t taken an action in an email
  • Automatically change an image even after an email has been sent
  • Show live shipping updates without having the subscriber click out of an email
  • Change an image based on the time or date of open
  • Display different images based on the location of the subscriber using GeoTargeting
  • Change an image based on the email client, device or operating system of the subscriber
  • Display real-time data using any API, Google Sheet or CSV file

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NiftyImages - Easily Create Personalized Images and Timers to engage with your subscribers regardless of where and when they open your email.

Use NiftyImages with your ActiveCampaign account to make communication seem individualized and tailored at scale. By leveraging consumer data and tracking customer interactions you can humanize your messaging to build brand loyalty and give your subscribers a "one of a kind" experience.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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