Apps and Integrations

Integrate Reamaze with ActiveCampaign

See and manage ActiveCampaign contact details directly in Re:amaze support conversations

Keeping existing contacts updated

When customers in your ActiveCampaign database contact you through Re:amaze chat, email, SMS, or voice call, you can easily modify the lists they belong to, update their tags, and apply or remove specific automations.

Add new contacts to ActiveCampaign

Re:amaze automatically stores contact information for anyone who contacts you. You can now easily add new contacts to ActiveCampaign with a click of a button.

Automatically ask customers to opt-in through Re:amaze Chat

Re:amaze Chat can automatically ask customers to opt-in for your email marketing campaigns through ActiveCampaign. When customers confirm you can add them to lists!

Easy export to ActiveCampaign

Use Re:amaze Contacts to filter for contacts you're looking for, export them to a CSV file and import them easily into ActiveCampaign for future marketing and sales automation.


  • Instantly add contacts to a list based on conversation tags
  • Enter contacts into available automations to increase purchase rates
  • See a contact's ActiveCampaign information along with their order information in a single location

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ActiveCampaign Data Directly In Re:amaze Conversations

Automatically see ActiveCampaign data for a contact's lists, tags, and automations whenever they contact you, making managing and updating a breeze

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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