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Integrate Paperform with ActiveCampaign

Flexible form builder combining thoughtful design and serious smarts

Collect new or update old contact details of your customers seamlessly using Paperform.

Speed up tasks and simplify workflows with our Paperform direct integration. You can collect vital customer information and update and create new deals from your forms, surveys and quizzes and automatically populate it in your existing ActiveCampaign account.

Gain more insights into your customers and boost sales

Understanding your customer is the key to any successful business.

Use Paperform's powerful conditional logic feature to improve the form-responding experience by making it personal and engaging and by eliminating irrelevant questions.

Build beautiful yet powerful forms

Paperform combines beautiful design with serious digital smarts. It's never one or the other. It’s the perfect combination, like the biscuit and chocolate coating on Maxibons. With over 27+ question fields, an in-app graphics editor, and 3,000 integrations, you can customise any project to your unique brand.


  • Create and update deals based on customer data
  • Update and create new contacts based on your forms
  • Conditional logic to segment audiences create personalised experiences
  • 650+ templates that give you the freedom to create anything from a simple contact form to a powerful CSAT survey.
  • Advanced customizability allows you to build beautiful, branded forms.
  • Clear and comprehensive analytics and reporting

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Free-text editor and in-app Adobe editor.

The powerful editor allows you to build beautiful, branded solutions in an easy no-code manner, eliminating the clunky menus or lagging interfaces. Free-text interface in-app editor and option to create from scratch means you don’t need to be tech savvy to use it. Instead, it’s as simple as writing a document - but a lot more fun.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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