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Integrate LeadRebel with ActiveCampaign

Deanonymize your Traffic with Help of ActiveCampaign & LeadRebel Integration

See which companies visit your website via email-campaigns.

Combination of ActiveCampaign and LeadRebel lets you identify 100% of companies, who visit your website, via email-marketing campaigns. See list of companies, which clicked on the links in your newsletters and find out, what they did on your website. LeadRebel provides detailed information, including videorecording, of user navigation on your website.

Enrich your ActiveCampaign leads with data.

LeadRebel enriches company information for each lead with actual company data and exports it back to ActiveCampaign, including information about visit and navigation on your website. Find out, which products or services are your potential customers mostly interested in and automate your email-campaigns accordingly.

Automatically export leads into CRM.

You can automatically export suitable leads from LeadRebel into CRM of your choice. Thus, you turn clicks from your ActiveCampaign mailing-campaigns into fully data-enriched warm leads, which automatically land in your CRM and ERP. Example:

  • You are sending out newsletter to your potential customers using ActiveCampaign.
  • Company XY clicks on one of the links in the newsletter and visits your website.
  • You can see the company behind the click in your Dashboard on LeadRebel and you can see, full navigation of this company.
  • Based on specific criteria (duration of visit, country, industry and many more) lead can be automatically exported into CRM of your choice and same time, data will flow back to ActiveCampaign, so that you optimize your campaigns and build additional automation rules
  • More features from LeadRebel

    Besides the features in combination with ActiveCampaign, you can use core function of LeadRebel and deanonymize large percentage of your web-traffic, see which companies visit your website, find detailed information about these companies, and export them to ActiveCampaign or any other marketing software.


    • Learn who is visiting your website. Import visitor companies as leads into your deal pipeline.
    • Find right contact persons within your website-visitor company and import them to ActiveCampaign.
    • Reach out to your website-visitors using ActiveCampaign tools.


    • Increase conversion rate and ROI of your email-marketing-campaigns.
    • Increase conversion rate of your overall traffic by deanonymizing your web-visitors.
    • Full cycle-automation of your B2B-lead-generation, from visitor identification, to email outreach, to rule-based optimization and segmentation.
    • Feed your sales pipeline with fresh and warm B2B leads!

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