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MailBlue with ActiveCampaign

Send SMS messages to your contacts in just 2 steps

Fast delivery

We carefully selected the optimal delivery routes to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of your message.

Savings on SMS

High-quality SMS service doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. We offer top-notch service at an affordable price.

How can I use SMS marketing effectively?

  • Discount Offers: Whether it's a big Summer Sale or a discount voucher for a specific product, you want to announce promotions like these as quickly as possible. Bring your promotions to the forefront with an SMS message. Reach your target audience directly and effectively.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart: Has your lead filled their shopping cart but not completed the purchase? Send a friendly SMS message to remind them of their almost-purchase and encourage them to return and complete the order.
  • Appointment Confirmation: Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmations via SMS. After making a booking, the contact will receive both an email and an SMS containing the key information, date, and time.
  • Remember that it's important not to send too many SMS messages. If your SMS doesn't have a clear purpose, it will only be perceived as annoying. Want to achieve the best results? Send messages that need to be read immediately. This way, you'll continue to use your SMS marketing wisely.


    • Setup your own custom sending name or number
    • Fast SMS routing
    • Secure sending
    • Easy to set up

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