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Integrate Cyclr with ActiveCampaign

Design and build native integrations with ActiveCampaign and your application, then publish them directly into your app for your users to self-serve

300+ APIs

Cyclr gives you immediate connectivity to 300+ other APIs - without coding. Access a growing library of API connectors with no further development effort. Cyclr provides a complete abstraction layer between APIs, reducing your development and maintenance effort to almost nothing.

Seamless embedding

Seamlessly embed our integrations natively in your app. Deploy our Embedded Marketplace or LAUNCH functionality which enables a super-simple set-up process for end-users. Alternatively, Cyclr’s own API is easy to use and allows you to build your own UX, so you can provide whatever experience you want. It is our goal to be completely invisible to your users.

Integration builder

Build your own custom integrations with our low-code, drag and drop integration workflow builder. Transform your API into something visual, front-end and code free that can be used throughout your team. Our builder can even be used to create automations built entirely on-top of your API.


  • Provide your SaaS’s users with in-app integrations with ActiveCampaign and hundreds of other applications.
  • Integrate ActiveCampaign with third-party apps and services.
  • Build your own automation workflows and save on development costs - without code!
  • Publish integrations directly into your application so your users can self-serve directly within your platform.
  • Create multi-platform marketing automation campaigns and automate data management tasks within ActiveCampaign.
  • Combine as many applications in a single automation workflow as you like, with an array of logic tools to help organise your data.

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Integrate your application with ActiveCampaign with low-code tools

Cyclr's drag and drop integration builder helps you speed up your integration build and delivery time. So you can deliver more in-app integrations to your users in no time.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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