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Integrate with ActiveCampaign

Drive product-led growth (PLG) with ActiveCampaign. gets contact and account information from ActiveCampaign, combines it with platform behaviour, and pushes PLG scores, signals and other metrics back to ActiveCampaign

Start user campaigns based on B2B Account behaviour monitors contact behaviour in different B2B accounts (in multi-contact-multi-account environments) and lets you define the rules for which a contact should be engaged with. The ActiveCampaign connection allows such contact to be tagged, serving as trigger to start an automation in AC.

Actionable PLG Signals in ActiveCampaign leverage machine learning to define PLG scores (e.g. likelihood to buy = 71%) and signals (e.g. "contact logged in >3 times last 7 days"). Sales and marketing teams can use those to start automations or take action within the CRM.

Enable GTM teams to leverage all ActiveCampaign features

Get actionable information on how your contacts and accounts interact with your platform, right within ActiveCampaign. Every dashboard component, every event, every platform property... simply everything at your fingertips.


  • understands how contacts operate on your platform and delivers a product-qualified pipeline right to your existing CRM.
  • Identify contacts AND accounts that are most likely to convert, expand or churn, and target them via ActiveCampaign.
  • syncs live user interactions with your platform to ActiveCampaign, so your automations always work with latest real-time data.

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