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Integrate Gobot with ActiveCampaign

Automatically send lead info you collect with your AI chatbots and shoppable quizzes straight into ActiveCampaign

Boost opt-ins

Chatbots and Shoppable Quizzes are super engaging and amazing at collecting lead information as well as qualification information so you spend your valuable time on the highest value leads first.

Collect customer profile data

Email personalization is key to success. Use your chatbots and shoppable quizzes to gather customer profile data on autopilot. Leverage Gobot's Calendly and Acuity integrations to book meetings via your chatbot.

Automatically address repetitive support questions

Reduce the burden on your support team. Leverage an AI chatbot to automatically address repetitive questions and rely on your team to handle the more complex higher value interactions that require human assistance.

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AI Shoppable Quizzes and Support Chatbots

We help Shopify stores increase sales and reduce support burden with chatbots and shoppable quizzes.

Join thousands of fast-growing merchants driving more revenue, slashing repetitive support tickets, boosting email and SMS opt-ins, and collecting customer profile data with AI chatbots and engaging quiz sales funnels.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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