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Integrate Arrivy with ActiveCampaign

Arrivy enables service businesses to provide deep customer engagement and real-time connectivity of operations on the day of service and beyond

Connect Sales and Operations

  • Arrivy platform connects your office, service technicians, and customers with automated text, email, and instant-messaging tools and enhances operations by providing capabilities such as Scheduling, Dispatch, Route planning, Digital forms, Mobile crew experience, Instant reviews, Integrated real-time location tracking, and Status updates directly in your Dashboard.
  • With Arrivy <> ActiveCampaign app, your Sales and Support teams on ActiveCampaign can now cooperate smoothly with your Operations/Dispatch team on Arrivy and hand off tasks seamlessly while providing an engaging customer experience.

Seamlessly Create & Assign Tasks

  • Within ActiveCampaign, deals are fluidly connected to Arrivy tasks, allowing you to use a connected interface for managing deals, calendar events, crew assignments, and crew tracking. In parallel, you will leverage Arrivy’s unique customer engagement, operations connectivity, and reporting tools for service calls, deliveries, and customer visits.

Route Planning & Optimization

  • Plan and optimize your vehicle routes with Arrivy’s Route Planning feature. Create routes in advance, factoring drive times, Task times, traffic, and time windows. Arrivy’s Route Planning capabilities embed the routing experience right in your workflow. Easily Assign team members with the right skills to the routes or tasks.


  • Within ActiveCampaign, all customer-related crucial data is seamlessly pulled into Arrivy to allow for automated task creation. This opens up a host of opportunities for businesses to be able to better manage their scheduling & dispatching capabiliti

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Easily Handoff tasks from Sales to Operations

Task creation has been automated to allow for easy handoff from sales to operations. Teams will have the ability to schedule and dispatch promptly as deal stages change in Active Campaign. Due to seamless data integration, all this happens without your teams having to move a muscle.

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