Customer Experience Automation for Squarespace

Organize and automate follow-ups and more to ensure smooth customer journeys.

Add forms to power automated follow-ups

By adding forms to your Squarespace website, you can ensure you're following up with customers at the right times. Thanks to automations, you can do anything from getting a Slack message when someone requests a demo to receiving a site alert when someone fills out a "contact us" form.

ActiveCampaign + Squarespace: 
Your best plans

Selling has never been easier. Set up an online store, sell products, and take donations by adding ActiveCampaign forms. Use forms to discover information that will help you identify leads most likely to convert and how to act on those leads.

*Requires Squarespace Business and Commerce plans*

Put the customer in 
customer service

Always put the customer first by utilizing ActiveCampaign's forms in Squarespace. Every time they have a question or show interest in a product or feature, ActiveCampaign's automations can redirect the information to the right person to help.

What can you do with 
Squarespace and ActiveCampaign?

Use ActiveCampaign forms on your Squarespace website to automatically follow up at the right time.

What you can do:

  • Use forms that power automated follow-ups to customers at the right times.
  • Collect subscriber information to learn more about your customers and their interests.
  • Add customer product and checkout forms to sell directly to potential customers.

Integrate with Squarespace