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Integrate agilea with ActiveCampaign

Automatic transfer of membership and contract data for targeted marketing in real time

Membership data

Transfer of personal data in order to write to gym members personally. Decide which customers end up in your funnel. Distinguish demographically which customers are suitable for which marketing.

Contract data

By transmitting contract information, gym members can be made aware of targeted offers.

Actions in the gym

Respond in real time when your members are using equipment or checking in at the gym and send them assessment prompts or offers.


  • Real-time transmission of member data and contract data such as contract terms, costs and included services.
  • Separation and analysis of members and their use of gym offers in order to communicate in a targeted way.
  • Lead generation and scheduling of prospects and tracking of trial training and lead status.
  • Prevent terminations or encourage terminations to be withdrawn through offers.
  • Appointment reminders for fitness lessons or reminders about upgrades or new fitness offers.
  • Connect agilea and ActiveCamapign with other communication interfaces such as WhatsApp or SMS.

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