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Integrate PlusThis with ActiveCampaign

Add 40+ tools and integrations to ActiveCampaign like two way SMS, webinar connections, calendar connections and more

PlusThis helps you grow

  • Evergreen Offers: Create genuine evergreen expiring offers with Smart Links and Countdown Timers.

  • Facebook/Instagram Retargeting: Retarget your webinar attendees with testimonial ads for your program.

  • Deals Automation: Tag a salesperson to reach out to a lead that watched 50% or more of your sales page video.

  • Testimonial and Referrals: Send an NPS survey to your customers, then automatically send the highly satisfied customers to a landing page to leave a testimonial or referral.

  • SMS Reminders: Send a text message after a consultation call and apply a tag for more follow-up if they click the link to your sales page.

  • PlusThis saves you time

  • Webinar Automation: Automatically register people for your webinar and apply tags for attendance without having to export and import contacts from Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam.

  • Easier Automation Filtering: Have automations that branch into 20+ if/else statements? Decision Maker gives you the option to filter people based on multiple rules and keep your automations organized, clean, and easy to follow.

  • Survey Integrations: Store survey results and apply tags and automation based on contacts’ answers. No need to manually enter it.

  • PlusThis helps you wow customers

  • Video Triggers: Tag your contacts based on how long they watch any of your videos and deliver an experience that behaves accordingly, like unlocking bonuses for completing a video.

  • Document Signing: Get back to leads immediately after they sign a Docusign agreement. Have your deals updated when contracts are completed.

  • Interactive Text Messaging: Send SMS messages that are interactive. For example, ask if customers would like to get updates when new t-shirt designs come out. If they respond yes, automatically send a reply that says they’ll be the first to see new designs and have a chance to pre-order and tag them to get updates in ActiveCampaign.

  • How to integrate PlusThis tool

    From within Automations, click the + sign to Add a New Action, then click CX Apps in the left panel.


    • Integrations with popular tools like Twilio, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Calendly, Acuity, DocuSign, Google, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and more.
    • 40+ ActiveCampaign tools including countdown timers, automation based on video engagement, link tracking, add to calendar links, contact validation (to fight bots and spam traps, streamlined if/else automations, and more.
    • Get support from a custoemr success team that uses ActiveCampaign. Our support team is trained on ActiveCampaign thoroughly so we understand your automations and the ActiveCampaign toolset.
    • New tools added at no additional cost. We add new tools to the ActiveCampaign tool library every month without any additional cost to your subscription.
    • Easy implementation. Each tool we release has a short video showing how to set it up in ActiveCampaign as well as written help documentation.


    • Automatically update deal stages and fields with our Deals automation in PlusThis.

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    PlusThis is a campaign toolkit consisting of 40+ tools and integrations for ActiveCampaign customers. It gives you the power to integrate your favorite tools, add urgency to your offers, and save time with automations.

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