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Integrate Donate2 with ActiveCampaign

Automatically send information collected about a Donate2 donation directly into ActiveCampaign

Nurture new and existing Donors within Automations

When someone makes a donation to your company using the Donate2 donation service, the data automatically flows into ActiveCampaign. As a result, trigger an automation using the Donate2 Start Automation option. Lead the contact down a path you design using all the great tools provided by ActiveCampaign. Keep them up-to-date with how the fundraising drive is going. Tell them how your using the funds. Show them how they can get involved. Help them understand how they can make the world a better place and support your company and your efforts.

We include using the ActiveCampaign API to enable Deep Data within ActiveCampaign

In addition to the CX Integration, you can connect up your API URL and Key. Once that is set, we can populate deep data for Donate2 donations on the contact record. eCommerce Reporting, attribution and segmentation are all possible.

Copy and Paste to include ActiveCampaign Site Tracking on your donation forms

Use the power of ActiveCampaign Site Tracking to enhance the track-ability of your Donate2 donation forms. If a contact is being tracked, and they click a link from a single click "Easy Donate" button in your email, receive and SMS, Site Message or a link provided in a in conversation, it is all tracked back on their contact record.

Use ActiveCampaign Personalization Tokens in URL Parameters to include custom default donation ask amounts

We honor a URL parameter that allows the link in your email to populate the ask amount in a Donate2 form using a custom field token. $10?, $50?, $250?, or $1,000. Big donors get big asks! It's up to you.


  • Seamlessly move contacts from Donate2 into ActiveCampaign
  • Start Automation Triggers based on giving a donation
  • Update custom fields with the most recent donation details
  • Use Deep Data for more in-depth segmentation and donation history
  • Use Site Tacking data with the last donation history custom field or deep data to identify abandoned donations
  • Use ActiveCampaign to send out a donation receipt or donation acknowledgement follow up

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Donate2, donations in less than 10 seconds

We made this really simple, fast, and easy, It all starts with a link to a beautiful and responsive donation form where payment is made with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, or one of those other cool digital wallets. Through the magic of the Donate2 Integration with your standard Stripe account you connect, the funds end up in your bank account. Through the power of our ActiveCampaign CX and API integration, Donate2 puts the donation in your ActiveCampaign and triggers a receipt.account, right where you want it.

You're not dreaming. This is real.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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