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Integrate Clearout with ActiveCampaign

Take advantage of Clearout's ActiveCampaign integration to clean the audience list (contact list) from one or more ActiveCampaign account

Clearout is an email validation & verification platform with 98%+ accuracy rate that protects your sender reputation in email marketing. This reliable list cleaning platform has an accelerated turnaround time to detect known abuse, spam traps, temporary addresses, invalid, syntax errors, toxic and catch-all domains too. This in-turn enhances email deliverability by reducing the bounce rate. It is an affordable platform that minimizes manual efforts by supporting API on a real-time basis.

1. Connect account: After logging in to your Clearout account, go to the Integration page and select Active Campaign. Click on "Add Account" to add you Active Campaign account. A pop up will be displayed asking for URL, Key and Account Name. You can find these details in your Active Campaign account under "Developer" tab in Settings. Once you feedin the URL and Key details in Clearout click on the "Add Account" button.

2. Add the email lists: Keep the email address lists clean by easily adding them from the ActiveCampaign account.

After the successful login, select the email list from the existing ActiveCampaign audience list. Then click on "Import" to proceed the audience list validations.

3. Verify the email address list: Once the audience list is successfully added, click on the "Verify"to start validating the added audience list.

4. Export the verified results: Once the validation is completed, the user can choose how to export the verified list to ActiveCampaign account. The user can export the result by choosing to unsubscribe or append else by selecting both.


  • Segment the list of Email contacts into Valid & Invalids
  • Effectively filters the Spamtraps to avoid email bounces
  • Increase the email deliverability rate by chucking out Junk emails

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Clearout - Email Validation & Verification Service

Don't let the honeypots, hard bounces and non-valid emails mess with your email deliverability. Validate, verify & clean your email list in real-time.

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