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Integrate Spoki with ActiveCampaign

Integrate Whatsapp in your marketing automation strategy and communicate effectively with your customers through the integration with ActiveCampaign automations

Spoki is the first conversational marketing solution using the official WhatsApp API, which helps you make communication with your customers faster, more personal and authentic.

Combine the most effective vertical platform on WhatsApp (Spoki) with the best marketing automation tool (ActiveCampaign) to make the best Omnichannel CRM for any company that wants to develop its business.

There are two different ways to integrate Spoki with ActiveCampaign:

  1. Spoki CX App in Automations: You can add a Spoki task step anywhere in your AC automations - offering great flexibility and making sure you send the WhatsApp message at the perfect time.
    • Send WhatsApp message via Spoki
    • Start WhatsApp Automation in Spoki
    • Create or Update Contact in Spoki

    How to integrate CX App: From within Automations, click the + sign to Add a New Action, then click CX Apps in the left panel.

  2. Spoki Webhook in Automations: You can add a Webhook step anywhere in your AC automations with a Spoki Automation url (it will be generated from Spoki as AC Trigger).

5 ways by which the integration of Spoki, ActiveCampaign and WhatsApp can help you in developing your business:

  • Sell more: With automations you can send informational materials about products or services, provide pre- and post-purchase customer support, set reminders for abandoned carts, ask for a review, offer a promotion, upsell and cross-sell, and more.
  • Segmentation and Conversation Analysis: With Spoki you analyze, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of conversations on WhatsApp. Gather insights into communication patterns and customer engagement, enabling you to optimize communication strategies.
  • AI Support and Chatbot: Integrate an artificial intelligence-based automated response system to handle customer queries in real time. You will offer immediate support, improving customer satisfaction by up to 100% and reducing the workload of the support team.
  • Effectively engage your customers: WhatsApp is the most direct and efficient way to communicate with your customers. With an open rate approaching 100%, you will have mathematical certainty that your communications will reach your customers.
  • Improved brand experience: With WhatsApp you will emerge as an innovative brand. Your customer will have a new experience that responds to their needs and habits, improving the perception of your Brand.


  • Send information material on your products and services. It is possible to attach images, PDFs, GIFs, audio and video.
  • Take care of your customers through their favorite communication channel. They will be more happy to interact with you.
  • Recover 20% of abandoned carts with a Whatsapp reminder even by encouraging your customer with a small discount.
  • Make an offer before or after a purchase to your best customers and make them come back more often to buy from you.
  • Keep your customer updated on the status of the order and on the shipment in a completely automatic way.
  • Ask for a review after a purchase, you will increase your brand's perception to new customers.

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How it works

Spoki uses official WhatsApp APIs. Spoki ActiveCampign integration allows you to automate and use Whatsapp in your marketing strategy. You can interact with your customers in a completely new way, adding buttons on your pre approved template messages. The feeling of a direct two way direct communication channel is unparalleled. Your customer experience will never be the same.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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