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Integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign

Bonjoro lets you send personalized videos to convert, activate and support your customers

Connect Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign to send quick personalized video emails to leads and customers based on events and tags inside your ActiveCampaign account.

Here’s some examples of how ActiveCampaign customers use Bonjoro:

  • Send personal sales videos to convert more leads (see recipe)
  • Send personal welcome videos to activate new customers (see recipe)
  • Send personal thank-you videos to delight buyers (see recipe)
  • See all Bonjoro recipes here
  • Here’s how to connect ActiveCampaign with Bonjoro:

  • Sign up to Bonjoro (they have a free 14 day trial)
  • Create an automation to add the right contacts into Bonjoro
  • Record your personal videos using the Bonjoro app (mobile and desktop)
  • Native integration with Bonjoro:

    You can build your automation inside ActiveCampaign using the Bonjoro “CX App'' within the automations editor, or you can use Bonjoro’s native workflows editor. Both are great, but the ActiveCampaign CX App makes it easier to add Bonjoro to your existing automations.

    Bonjoro walkthrough videos:

    Want to see Bonjoro in action? Here’s an overview of Bonjoro, and a walkthrough of how it connects to ActiveCampaign.

  • Bonjoro overview: (see video)
  • How to connect Bonjoro to ActiveCampaign: (see video)
  • Features

    • Create personalized video campaigns in Bonjoro based on key customer events and tags in your ActiveCampaign account
    • Convert more leads by engaging prospects with highly personalized videos
    • Create better onboarding experiences for new customers with unique videos based on their specific niche and goals
    • Delight existing customers with personal videos at key milestones, like support ticket raised or annual renewal
    • Pass custom attributes from your ActiveCampaign account into Bonjoro so they are visible at the time of recording your message on Bonjoro's web or mobile apps
    • Customize every video with your own branding and call to actions
    • Send your video replies back into your shared team or support inbox
    • Request, manage, and publish happy customer testimonials in one simple no-code platform.

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    Bonjoro - send personalized videos to convert, activate and your support your customers.

    Connect Bonjoro to your ActiveCampaign account to send personalized videos to your customers at key milestones, from new enquiry, to new trial, to support ticket raised. Whatever the event, Bonjoro lets you engage and delight your customers like never before.

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