Apps and Integrations

Integrate with ActiveCampaign

Automatically tag and send your leads & collected info straight into ActiveCampaign

Set up personalized question paths

Dynamically respond to your users' answers and set up personalized question paths with conditional logic and use answer piping to pass information you have from respondents to personalize the user experience.

Integrate on organization and/or project level

You can either set it up for your organization (all projects that don't have individual integration settings) or on a project level and add participants automatically to your ActiveCampaign lists.


  • Create entire marketing and sales funnels easily
  • Segment your contacts automatically based on the information they provide
  • Trigger automations based on the information and data you collect with
  • Send automated personalized messages based on user's responses
  • Update contact information based on new form submissions
  • Enrich ActiveCampaign database with multifaceted data
  • Build a vast gamut of interactive content like quizzes, forms, surveys, web calculators, landing pages, payment pages, product configurators & more

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