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Integrate Geckoboard with ActiveCampaign

Live dashboards that surface important metrics for your team

Visualize key metrics

  • Easily visualize performance data from ActiveCampaign that you and your team care about, including email sends, opens, clicks, forwards and unsubscribes. No training required. Bring data in from over 70 other tools too.

  • Create professional dashboards in minutes

  • Build a logical, easy-to-understand dashboard right in your browser, that anybody can understand at a glance.

  • Get eyes on your KPIs

  • Share live dashboards with your team and stakeholders with just a link, with daily or weekly snapshots sent automatically over email and Slack, or invite them to create their own dashboards. For maximum visibility, pair a TV or large screen to your account and you can display beautiful, up-to-date dashboards throughout your workplace.

  • Support

  • Please send your questions to [email protected]

  • Features

    • Turn metrics from your ActiveCampaign account into straightforward visualizations in a click
    • Tailor dashboards that help you, your team and stakeholders keep an eye on the metrics you care about
    • Set goals and thresholds that automatically flag when a metric is doing well or performing poorly
    • Add metrics from other tools onto the same dashboard
    • Easily share dashboards around your organisation with links, and daily or weekly over email and Slack
    • Display stunning dashboards on a TV or large screen to let everyone know how campaigns are performing

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    Shareable real-time dashboards for tracking campaign performance

    Build and share professional-looking dashboards that help you and your team keep track of live metrics like email sends, opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribe rate, and more. No training required.

    Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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