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Integrate CalendarHero with ActiveCampaign

Automatically schedule meetings with ActiveCampaign contacts

Schedule Meetings without the Back and Forth

Meet with leads and customers at the height of interest! Automatically send meeting requests for 1:1, group, and video meetings without any back-and-forth coordination. Automatically sync ActiveCampaign contacts with CalendarHero, create unique meeting templates for different audiences, and issue automated meeting invitations. CalendarHero intelligently finds the best time to meet for everyone, updates your calendars, and sends pre-meeting reminders to your invitees.

Share your Availability for Easy Self-Scheduling

Share your real-time calendar availability with invitees for easy self-scheduling. Skip the “when are you free?” dance by pasting your CalendarHero scheduling link in an email to allow your prospects to self-book a meeting with you. After clicking your scheduling link, invitees can quickly select a time to meet based on your availability. For added convenience, invitees have the option to temporarily sync their calendars to spot any potential conflicts right away.

More Insights = More Successful Meetings

Simplify meeting preparation by seeing CRM insights from ActiveCampaign directly in your inbox. CalendarHero can find insights about your contacts to help you learn more about your meeting attendees before you meet. CalendarHero’s people insights can include information such as professional titles, biographie, and social media profiles.


  • Quickly book meetings with contacts directly after they open an email
  • Reduce no-shows with automated meeting reminders to invitees
  • Easily share your real-time calendar availability with prospects and customers

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Schedule Every Meeting Faster

Share your real-time calendar availability in the ActiveCampaign email builder or issue automated meeting requests to synced ActiveCampaign contacts like leads and customers.

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