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Integrate Dubb with ActiveCampaign

Create, Send, & Track Video email campaigns, with video analytics feeding straight into ActiveCampaign

Instantly Add Trackable, Branded Video to your Email Campaigns

Imagine with just a couple clicks: Instantly accessing a categorized Library of prerecorded videos, or recording a custom webcam/screen/mobile video and inserting it into your ActiveCampaign template

View detailed video analytics for each specific contact.

Instead of non-specific video analytics such as # of Views, Dubb allows you to track exactly what % of your video is being watched by every single contact on your list. And the best part, the video engagement shows up right inside ActiveCampaign, and can be used to trigger other automations

Increase engagement, click-through rates, and conversions

Instant, No-Code, Custom Video Pages include: Calls-to-actions, playlist, subtitles, custom branding, auto-watermark, exit-intent features and more. All designed to make the videos you share over email, sms, and social media create more conversations and conversions.


  • Increase Click-through rates and Convert more leads by engaging prospects with custom video pages
  • Create better experiences for your lists by sending video campaigns, and tracking the results
  • Get detailed video analytics right inside ActiveCampaign including who watched, watched % they watched, if they clicked any call to actions, and more
  • Automatically customize your videos with branding, calls-to-action, playlists, subtitles and more
  • Easily collect video testimonials and video replies from happy clients using the Video Reply feature
  • Send Video SMS campaigns based on ActiveCampaign engagements

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Dubb - Create, send, and track video campaigns to engage, convert, and delight your customers

Dubb's integration allows you to increase the click-through and conversion rate of your emails by instantly adding video into any campaign, and providing detailed analytics so you know exactly who is watching your videos, how much they are watching, and more.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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